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When the search is urgent and time is of the essence, a retained search is the  ideal solution to get guarentee the placement of the innovative supply chain professional you are searching for quickly.  The key to a successful retained search placement experience,  is to engage a retained search firm who are experts in your industry. Here at Jace, we are experts in the consumer products industry, and we focus on supply chain placements every hour of work day, every day, year after year.  Just as time is money with our company, the same is with our expert staff resources.  In comparison with contingent search solutions, where there are no guarantees by the client company to make an offer to the search firm's time spent sourcing potential candidates. 

Our retained search policy requires a non-refundable deposit of half of the projected search fee. The search fee for retained searches are 30% of the projected base of the position's salary. Once a search has been requested, accepted and the initial deposit has been made, the dedicated executive search professional from Jace Consulting, will drive or fly in to meet with the hiring team for the complete intake of the search requirements. 

Absolute transparency is vital when it comes to describing the financial status, operational strategy, company culture, environment impact, political landscape, vendor history and hiring history for the retained search to result in a successful placement. 

Once the candidate has been identified and has accepted the offer, the non-refundable remaining half of retained seach placement fee is due 30 calendar days after the candidate has started. 

Retained Search
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