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Bullhorn Technology

Best Practice: Hire Innovators 

Engaging the candidate

Jace's technology driven applicant tracking system is Bullhorn, which is compatable with mobile/smart phones technology. Candidates can easily upload their resume in just a few swipes and apply for a job in less than 1 minute.

Our candidates are also able to  communicate with our recruiters 24 / 7 through social media including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Virtual interviews are commonly set up through various platforms including Facetime or Sparkhire. 

According to a recruiting trends report provided by for eremedia.com, If you want to increase your productivity, then implement a best practice to only hire innovators who commonly produce 10 times more in performance than the average worker . This is exactly what the most innovative firms such as Google, Apple and Facebook do. 

Fact: Innovators allow a firm to be first in the marketplace, which builds the product brand and often produces high margins.

Engaging career opportunities

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